Elevate your periods and hormone health to get more energy, a sound night’s sleep, clear skin… kids some day.

Cut through the confusion and fast forward your health journey with holistic, expert care to get better periods, improve your hormones, elevate your fertility, pregnancy, or menopause transition.

From birth control to body literacy, your body doesn’t need to be a mystery. Learn to listen to your body, understand and trust the signals it’s sending you, uncover your root causes. Together, let’s transform your health, naturally.

We are a NZ based modern women’s health centre where time-honoured wisdom and evidence backed natural medicine converge.

1:1 Naturopathic Support For:

Period Pain + PMS / PCOS + Absent Periods / Stop Hormonal Contraceptives / Heavy Periods / Endometriosis + Adenomyosis / Acne + Bloating / Breast Pain + Headaches / Fertility + IVF / Postnatal depletion / Stress + Anxiety / Burnout + Low Mood / Insomnia + Exhaustion / Peri-menopause + Hot Sweats / Learn Fertility Awareness Method /

All appointments take place online via Zoom, so we can connect wherever you are in Aotearoa/NZ.

NZ based modern women’s health centre.

Kia ora, I’m Anna. I founded Anna Naturally to set a new benchmark in menstrual cycle education and reproductive care. I understand that standard medical care often misses the mark with regards to women’s hormones and fertility. Your only solution doesn’t need to involve switching off your hormones.

My comprehensive approach to treating women’s health is results driven, sustainable, backed by research and time-honoured naturopathic wisdom. It is my job to identify the drivers of your hormonal symptoms, then guide, support and educate you to turn your hormonal roller coaster around so you can feel calm, motivated and joyful.

Naturopath Hormone + Fertility Clinic

NZ based online period, hormone and fertility clinic that helps you:

  • Achieve healthy, natural and symptom-free menstrual cycles and hormonal harmony;
  • Prepare and support your mind and body for a healthy pregnancy and motherhood;
  • Smoothly navigate the transition to menopause;

Your menstrual cycle gives you feedback every month and will let you know if something is a little haywire.

Mood swings, irregular, heavy, painful periods, clots, bloating, sore lumpy boobs, acne and anxiety are actually clues to what’s going on with your health. Together, let's change your period - naturally.

Hormonal Acne: How To Manage It In 6 Key Steps
Hormonal acne: Eeek, you've hit your 20s, 30s or peri-menopause and are surprised to find yourself suddenly trying to manage stubborn hormonal acne. It would be amazing if after we hit our teenage years, we never had to deal with acne again. Unfortunately hormonal acn