4 ways you are killing your health

Do you feel like you are doing all the right things, yet still not getting the health result you are after? I hate to break it to you but here’s four ways you may be killing your health. Don’t worry though, you’ll also discover what you can do instead.

Health programmes are invariably started with great enthusiasm and hope. Collagen supplements are sprinkled into turmeric lattes. Activated charcoal is diligently added to EVERYTHING.

Time passes and the desired results never quite eventuate leading to the much longed for sleep and energy dream to be abandoned. Along with the activated charcoal bottle in the deep dark depths of the pantry. Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting the health results you’re looking for? Sometimes there are simple answers and we just need a little prod in the right direction.

1. You Run A Marathon Before you can walk. A sustainable health plan is key.

It’s logical that if you decide to run a marathon you’ll start small (especially if you’ve been the quintessential couch potato). Your initial training does not consist of running 42km runs twice a week for the first four weeks. The only possible outcome for this type of plan is an injury that’s going to see you laid up and unable to continue training. Causing you to stop before you even got started. However, if you start your training by running and walking between lamp posts, with consistency you’ll get to the start line, achieve your goal and be injury-free.

And so with your health plan. Don’t bite off more than you can. When you start with the basics (adequate hydration, eating a wholefood based diet, rest and gentle movement) you build a strong foundation for sustainable change. Although these simple steps are not as sexy as a collagen infused turmeric latte or adding activated charcoal to your baking, they are key for sustainable change. If you don’t start with the basics, whatever you add to your latte or green smoothie isn’t going to help.

In my clinic the women with the most successful outcomes aren’t chasing shiny objects, they are playing the long game. They also focus on the step in front of them – not the whole staircase.

2. You don’t consult a professional. A custom health plan is key.

Us kiwis and Aussies are notorious DIYers. We recently completed a much over-due kitchen renovation. Not a completely new kitchen but a good few thousand dollars worth (new appliances and new kitchen cupboards – only the bench-top remained the same). Unfortunately the day this was completed was also the day we were advised by an architect to pull our entire house down! Would we have gone ahead with the renovation if we’d hired the architect earlier in the process? No. Would we have saved thousands of dollars (not to mention time and effort) if we’d hired an architect first? Yes. Hiring a professional can often seem like an unjustifiable expense, but they can easily save you money in the long run and get you the results you are after (faster).

When the cookie cutter approach just won’t cut it, work with a qualified naturopath that treats you, not your disease. During my 1:1 consultations I ask a series of focused questions to identify the underlying cause for your health concerns or symptoms. Together we explore your story and identify your current symptoms and main health concerns. I treat you (not your dis-ease). Through your custom well-being plan I provide you with insight, clarity, tools and, actions to transform your health. Which gets you were you want to go a lot faster.

3. You buy (cheap) supermarket supplements.

What’s the big deal? Supplements are all the same aren’t they? Take home a bottle of magnesium oxide to help you get to sleep and your bowels will soon let you know it’s not what you’re after. Believe it or not, not all supplements are created equally. Many cheaper over the counter supplements contain binders and ‘tableting aids’, potentially toxic fillers and GMO ingredients. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a supplement – the required therapeutic dosage, the form needed for the outcome you are after, if they’ll interact with any medication you’re taking.

In my role as a naturopath I prescribe high quality practitioner only products that are the correct form, a therapeutic dosage and with minimal fillers and binders. In today’s modern age we are exposed to many environmental toxins and chemicals – don’t let your supplements add to this load.

I know it’s important to stay up to date with fashion trends, no one wants to re-emerge from lock-down with a short at the front and curly at the back hairstyle. However, when it comes to your health it’s best to sit tight before jumping on the next health bandwagon. Why? It can be confusing. The celery juice and kale trend is one example. At best they won’t do you any harm, but without understanding the root cause of your symptoms they may not be helping your health either. They’re both on the dirty dozen pesticide list too, so if they’re not organic, they’re definitely not helping your health. Rather than following the next health trend, it’s healthier to develop an overall healthy way of living.

In my role as a naturopath, I create well-being plans that are tailored to you, rather than following health trends. Your plan is powered by research and knowledge (traditional and scientific). When you visit a naturopath, you’ll receive custom herbal formulas, tailored lifestyle recommendations, mineral therapies (practitioner only products) and flower essences designed to address the root cause of your health complaint or symptoms. Remember it’s a lot healthier to develop an overall healthy eating pattern and keep it SLOW – Seasonal, Local, Organic, Whole.

Balance, wholeness and simplicity are the focus of your well-being plan along with an approach that is sustainable to you. I believe simple, gentle change always beats a quick fix.

Remember – be gentle with yourself. Your journey is not linear. If you’re ready to start addressing the root cause of your health concerns book in for a free 15 minute chat.

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