Welcome to my NZ women’s health and nutrition blog space. Learn how to help your hormones, improve your fertility, periods, energy, skin, mood and gut health. As a qualified naturopath I’ve written these articles to educate and support you on your health journey and answer your faqs. Because I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power.

My NZ women’s health and nutrition blog is a compilation of essential reading that educates, clarifies and debunks common well-being myths. Delve deeper as I share nutrition, naturopath and medical herbalist insights, advice and wisdom. This blog draws on my clinical knowledge and experience from over two decades in the health and well-being industry within New Zealand and Australia.

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Are you ready to transition off the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) AKA birth control, but you’v


Why is iron important for women’s health? Did you know frequent infections, tiredness, lack of


Hormonal acne: Eeek, you’ve hit your 20s, 30s or peri-menopause and are surprised to find your


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Sleep is the foundation of good health. It may seem too simple (and obvious?), but it plays a vital


Do you track your period? Better yet, do you chart your menstrual cycle and can you identify when or


What is a normal period? And is there any such thing as a textbook menstrual cycle? Unfortunately pe


Did you know your menstrual cycle is not just a period once a month? Regardless of what day it is, y


What is excess oestrogen (aka oestrogen dominance) and how do you reduce excess oestrogen naturally?


Do you feel like you are doing all the right things, yet still not getting the health result you are

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