Welcome to my NZ women’s health and nutrition blog space. Learn how to help your hormones, improve your fertility, periods, energy, skin, mood and gut health. As a qualified naturopath I’ve written these articles to educate and support you on your health journey and answer your faqs. Because I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power.

My NZ women’s health and nutrition blog is a compilation of essential reading that educates, clarifies and debunks common well-being myths. Delve deeper as I share nutrition, naturopath and medical herbalist insights, advice and wisdom. This blog draws on my clinical knowledge and experience from over two decades in the health and well-being industry within New Zealand and Australia.

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What is the fertility awareness method? The fertility awareness method (FAM) is an effective hormone


As Autumn makes her presence felt with shorter days and cooler mornings the garden is one place wher


“So often the best lessons we are taught are those handed down the family line, whether intentiona

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