The Fertility Awareness Method: 5 Essentials You Need To Know

What is the fertility awareness method?

The fertility awareness method (FAM) is an effective hormone-free, natural birth control method. It is an ideal birth control method if you have concerns about using synthetic hormonal birth control or implanted devices. Or do you simply wish to understand your body, and become attuned to your cycles? If you answered yes the FAM is for you.

What is involved in the fertility awareness method?

Learning to observe and understand the changes in your fertile signs is an empowering tool. In fact your menstrual cycle is known as your fifth vital sign. When you know and understand your fertile signs you can determine which days of your cycle you are fertile and which you are not.

It’s often surprising to learn that we are not fertile every day throughout our menstrual cycle. In fact we are only able to get pregnant between five and seven days each cycle. Unlike predictive apps, the FAM uses real-time data – your cervical fluid, basal body temperature, cervical position – to determine whether you are fertile, or not, at that time.

When am I fertile?

Pregnancy is only possible during a phase of your menstrual cycle known as ovulation. When a matured egg is released from your ovary, in the hope of being fertilised by a sperm, it is termed ovulation.  An egg released at ovulation only lives for 12-24 hours, whilst a sperm can last in your body between three-five days. This means there is a five-seven day window, where it is possible to get pregnant. This window of opportunity is known as your fertile phase.

When does ovulation occur?

When you ovulate depends on the length of your menstrual cycle. For a 28 day cycle this is around day 14 and for a 35 day cycle this is around day 21. For a 21 day menstrual cycle this may be as early as day 7. This is because your luteal phase is the most consistent part of your menstrual cycle and normally ranges between 14 – 16 days. So if your menstrual cycle is 28 days, ovulation is 28 – 14 = 14, a 35 day cycle = 35 – 14 = 21, a 21 day cycle = 21 – 14 = 7.

Your egg is growing safely inside your ovary during every other phase of your menstrual cycle .

Are you ready to take the health of your menstrual cycle into your own hands?

I offer appointments where I teach cycle charting and the FAM so you can understand how your body works and become the expert on your own body . These appointments are for every female with a menstrual cycle, no matter what it looks like. 


To help get you started I have created some free resources just for you so you can start learning more about cycle charting and the natural fertility awareness method. Follow the link to start your journey to becoming a cycle conscious women today.

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