Free Resources

Free Resources – Menstrual cycle and symptoms tracker charts.

Begin tuning into your innate body wisdom with free resources to start your menstrual cycle and fertility awareness journey. In addition, you’ll receive a hormonal health symptoms diary plus a mini training .

Your menstrual cycle provides feedback every month on how well you take care of it. Charting your menstrual cycle provides an incredible insight into your health.

knowledge is power:

In just two minutes a day begin to uncover your unique health insights. This knowledge allows you to more smoothly navigate the peaks and troughs of your cycle and life! Furthermore if you’re unsure what menstrual cycle charting (AKA fertility awareness) involves, here’s an introductory guide.

Become the expert on your own body – you deserve to trust, understand and feel at ease in your body.

Printable charts: yes please – send me YOUR menstrual cycle and symptoms trackers