Services + Programmes

An experienced women’s hormone and fertility naturopath and medical herbalist, I offer a series of programmes, workshops and 1:1 naturopathic sessions to support women courageous enough to take the leap and start understanding their individual body.

I take a holistic view of your health and investigate how and why certain patterns develop. It is my job to identify the drivers of your hormonal symptoms, then guide, support and educate you to achieve your health goals and gain results along the way. Together we create space to restore balance and pave a pathway to optimal health and well-being.

NZ Women’s Health and Nutrition Clinical Focus:

Periods, Hormones & Acne

Period Pain / PCOS / Endometriosis / Acne / Breast Pain / PMS / Absent periods / Peri-menopause /

Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pre-conception care / Sub-fertility / Miscarriage / Morning sickness / Nutrition / Postnatal depletion /

Stress, Sleep, Low Mood & Fatigue

Burnout / Chronic fatigue / Stress / Low mood / Anxiety / Insomnia / Exhaustion /

Free Resources

Hormonal Acne: How To Manage It In 6 Key Steps
Hormonal acne: Eeek, you've hit your 20s, 30s or peri-menopause and are surprised to find yourself suddenly trying to manage stubborn hormonal acne. It would be amazing if after we hit our teenage years, we never had to deal with acne again. Unfortunately hormonal acn