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Hemp Connect Hemp Heart Protein Powder


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Your pure, plant-based protein source. Pack some plant-based protein into your diet with Hemp Connect’s Hemp Heart Protein Powder.

The perfect supplement for active, healthy lifestyles, from yogis to golfers to surfers. It is especially beneficial for people on a plant-based diet wanting a complete protein.

Hemp Heart Protein is considered to be a more ‘balanced’ protein than Hemp Seed Protein, due to its higher polyunsaturated fatty acid content. Hemp Connect’s Hemp Protein Powder is low in sugar and gentle on your stomach. It is a complete protein which contains all nine essential amino acids.

Hemp Heart Protein is produced from the hemp hearts and has a light-white colour and a more subtle hemp flavour profile.

Size: 500g

Why I love it?

Great source of protein
Low in sugar
Gentle on your stomach and highly digestible
A complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids
GMO free
Vegan, paleo, keto, gluten-free & dairy-free
Hemp Heart Protein Powder is made with 100% NZ grown hemp