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Naturopath Functional Blood Test Interpretation

Has your doctor told you your blood tests are all “normal”, yet you feel anything but normal? It’s time for another pair of trained eyes to take a closer look at your blood tests.




Because laboratories use very wide reference ranges to detect disease, if you’re within range, you are told ‘you are normal.’ However, if you are just on the edge of the reference range, you most likely do not feel great. You may have already noticed a few new symptoms too – hence your visit to the doctor in the first place.

Unfortunately, “normal” blood reference ranges are not optimal. While they’re great at detecting disease, they won’t help you get ahead of or identify a developing health condition.

As a naturopath and medical herbalist, I interpret blood tests from a functional, rather than a disease, perspective. This means I want to prevent a health problem from developing in the first place and look at optimal reference ranges. Therefore, I use a narrower reference range to interpret blood tests and identify any emerging health issues or nutrient deficiencies.

With my blood test interpretation service, I interpret your recent blood tests and send you my findings.

You will receive:

  • Comprehensive results via email within one week;
  • A clear explanation on how to correct any imbalances;
  • Recommended blood tests to gain more comprehensive insights;
  • Recommended supplements and dosages to help you get ahead of any emerging health condition and support your best self;

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