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Periods Made Easy: Online Course

Say hello to a breezy menstrual cycle and healthier hormones in 90 days.

  • Have your periods become a little erratic?
  • Do you feel like something in your cycle has shifted or changed?
  • Are you in need of clear direction and a road-map to better periods?

Learn to listen to your body, understand the signals it’s sending you, uncover your root causes. Harness your health potential and make your periods better. Together, let’s turn your hormonal roller-coaster around.




Your menstrual cycle shouldn’t be a mystery. Discover your power through body literacy.

Your menstrual cycle gives you feedback every month and will let you know if something is a little haywire. Mood swings, irregular, heavy, painful periods, clots, bloating, sore lumpy boobs, acne and anxiety are common, but not normal.

These are actually all clues to what’s going on with your health.
Contrary to what you may have read, there is no one-size fits all answer or best protocol. Rather, it is essential to understand the various drivers that impact YOUR hormones so you can find your “forever” solution.

Periods Made Easy gives you the roadmap to transform your period (and life) and experience a period:

  • That is regular (every 26-35 days);
  • That is with minimal pain, bloating or breast tenderness;
  • With a consistent, manageable flow;
  • With steady moods;
  • Without any unusual sugar cravings;
  • With glowing skin;

Get benefits beyond better periods. Periods Made Easy will equip you with:

  • A solid understanding of how your hormones work and the messages your body is trying to tell you;
  • A strategic approach to build your own healing tool-kit;
  • Confidence to identify your fertility window;
  • Practical tools to live a more connected and cyclical life that honours your inner rhythms.
  • Trust to become your own health advocate – feel confident in your body and know when and how to approach your doctor if you’re concerned about something
  • Get the sex ed you didn’t and understand the language of your body

Across 10 comprehensive modules you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the impact of stress and emotional imbalance on your menstrual cycle
  • The three step process you can immediately implement for better sleep
  • How to transition off birth control – the right way
  • How to speak to your doctor and the blood tests to ask for (and which ones to self-refer)
  • What’s happening hormonally at each phase of your cycle and how this influences your emotions
  • Identify your unique patterns and if your symptoms are: cyclical by nature, hormonally influenced, an underlying disease pattern that has not been identified

Who is this for?

If you need simple and sustainable direction, then this course is just the thing for you. Whether your period is MIA, you plan to come off the pill, experience PMS and painful cramps, have been given a diagnosis of endometriosis or PCOS – periods made easy caters to you.

With 8+ years of clinical experience working with menstruators that experience all of these situations, Periods Made Easy is designed to help you understand your menstrual cycle and uncover the drivers of your hormonal problems then provide you with solutions.

Who’s behind Periods Made Easy?

I’m Anna Jolly – a degree qualified naturopath and medical herbalist with 8+ years of clinical experience.

I know what it’s like to dread your period each month, not have a clue what the many symptoms your body displays means, let alone that they could be connected in some way and trying to tell you something.

Gratefully my naturopathic education taught me how to turn my hormonal roller-coaster around.

Unfortunately I’ve seen too many women embark on this journey alone, sifting through hundreds of google articles, influencer recommendations, always buying the latest super-foods, and taking sub-par supplements and herbs. They try to piece together their own health plan.

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up overwhelmed, confused about what advice to listen to, unsure what works, and worst of all, they lose faith in their body’s ability to heal. Along with spending an unnecessarily large amount of money.

After seeing this happen to too many women, I created this opportunity so you can learn the exact strategies I successfully use with my one-to-one clients. And most importantly so you can understand the drivers of your period problems and the language of your body so you can get your forever solution.

What’s included in the course

  • Two 30 minute one-on-one sessions with Anna
  • Weekly video and audio lessons, including downloadable eBooks and workbooks
  • Weekly journalling/reflection prompts and tasks to get clear on your why, work through and celebrate your wins
  • Comprehensive guides on herbs, exercise, supplements, yoga, intuitive eating and non-diet eating to support your menstrual cycle
  • Printable fertility and menstrual symptom trackers and fertility awareness method guide to track your progress
  • Community and Support
  • Private Facebook group with your fellow Periods Made Easy members. This is a supportive, safe space to share and connect with like-minded women and menstruators
  • Weekly live Q and A session which includes interpretation of your menstrual cycle chart
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates

Transforming your health is exciting, let’s begin!

Class starts Monday July 17