Naturopath Hormone + Fertility Clinic

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Anna Jolly Natural Health -Services Wellness Plan

NZ based online period, hormone and fertility clinic that helps you: Achieve healthy, natural and symptom-free menstrual cycles and hormonal harmony; Prepare and support your mind and body for a healthy pregnancy and motherhood; Smoothly navigate the transition to menopause; Understand your unique body; Promote conscious, sustainable health; Period, Hormone Health and Natural Fertility Clinic… Read more »


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Anna Jolly Natural Health - Services

When the normal cycles and rhythms within your body are disrupted symptoms can appear and dis-ease can occur. A consultation is the key to discovering what has created the pathway to imbalance and an individualised wellness plan provides you with tools and actions to transform your health.

Well-being Plan

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Naturopathic Consultation Anna Jolly Natural Health

This is the opportunity to ask questions, gain understanding and workshop how recommended changes can be incorporated into your life. Alongside tailored lifestyle practices and nutritional recommendations, custom herbal formulations, mineral therapies and flower essences may be prescribed to achieve specific therapeutic outcomes.

1:1 naturopath consultations

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Women's hormone and fertility naturopath Christchurch NZ

Would you like support with: Your erratic hormones or period; Learning the Fertility Awareness Method; Pre-conception care and pregnancy; Post-natal depletion; Stress, sleep and exhaustion; A smarter way to transition to menopause; I’ve got you. Through a 1:1 Consultation I: Identify the underlying contributors of your health symptoms and concerns; Give your body the nourishment… Read more »