1:1 naturopath consultations
Women's hormone and fertility naturopath Christchurch NZ

Would you like support with:

  • Your erratic hormones or period;
  • Learning the Fertility Awareness Method;
  • Pre-conception care and pregnancy;
  • Post-natal depletion;
  • Stress, sleep and exhaustion;
  • A smarter way to transition to menopause;

I’ve got you.

Through a 1:1 Consultation I:

  • Identify the underlying contributors of your health symptoms and concerns;
  • Give your body the nourishment it needs to re-establish hormonal balance;
  • Achieve your own expression of great health and become empowered to embrace your own healthcare.

How It Works:

Initial Consultation: $NZD180 – 60 – 75 minutes

I ask a series of focused questions to identify the underlying cause for your health concern or symptoms. We explore your story and identify:

  • Your current symptoms and main health concern;
  • What body systems and hormones may need support;
  • Your daily sleep, exercise and eating routines; Your relationships and environment;
  • Your passions; How you cope with stress;
  • Goal setting – how far do you want to go? Healing a specific ailment through to optimal health and well-being for yourself, family and planet!

Well-Being Plan: No additional charge

One week after your initial consultation. This is the opportunity to ask questions, gain understanding and workshop how recommended changes can be incorporated into your life. Alongside tailored lifestyle practices and nutritional recommendations, custom herbal formulations, mineral therapies and flower essences may be prescribed to achieve specific therapeutic outcomes.

Regular Session – On-going Journey:
$NZD85 – 30 minutes

Regular sessions provide the opportunity to: Evaluate your progress; Reassess your goals and how you have been implementing any changes; Make any adjustments to your treatments; Delve deeper and open further. How frequent and how many regular sessions will be discussed during your well-being plan.