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womens health naturopath free starter kit

Discover where the wild weeds grow in your neighbourhood and learn to identify, forage and prepare edible weeds for your health and the planet’s. This workshop is designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to safely incorporate edible weeds from your neighbourhood into your diet.

Printable Menstrual Cycle And Symptoms Charts

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free menstrual cycle and fertility tracking charts

Think simple. Think pen and paper. My pen and paper charts aren’t so much of a dinosaur anymore. In fact some women who use my pen and paper charts don’t even think zero glitches, no frozen apps or lost data is great anymore. Or 100% ownership and privacy of your personal data. Or totally free… Read more »

Women’s period health quiz

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hormone and period health quiz NZ naturopath

What the heck is going on with your period? Could it be a hormonal imbalance? Take the period health quiz and discover what’s going on with your menstrual cycle. Start creating hormonal harmony within an hour. What You’ll Receive: Get a custom report and a downloadable guide which includes: common signs, contributing factors and recommendations… Read more »