Printable Menstrual Cycle And Symptoms Charts
free menstrual cycle and fertility tracking charts

Think simple. Think pen and paper.

My pen and paper charts aren’t so much of a dinosaur anymore.

In fact some women who use my pen and paper charts don’t even think zero glitches, no frozen apps or lost data is great anymore.

  • Or 100% ownership and privacy of your personal data.
  • Or totally free instead of paying for premium features.

That’s because once you get used to the simple advantages of pen and paper over an app you don’t even think about them anymore.

  • Except when you confidently identify your fertile window to achieve or avoid pregnancy.
  • Or when you recognise early signs of changes and get ahead of a health condition.
  • Or how you confidentally approach your doctor and can pin point your concern.
  • Or when you trust and understand your body more than ever.

Download your charts and start your journey today.

PS. When you download my printable charts you gain free access to my Charting Introductory course.

Inside you’ll learn the essentials to chart your menstrual cycle – the right way.