workshop: where the wild weeds are

Vitamins and minerals are key to good health. How do we obtain enough from an industrialised food system? Through incorporating wild, edible weeds into our diet. Join me in this edible weeds workshop.

Weeds thrive in the harshest conditions, contain an unsurpassed powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and are a readily available, sustainable food source for the planet.

Take a walk on the wild side with me – discover where the wild weeds grow in your neighbourhood and learn to identify, forage and prepare them for your health and the planet’s.

Join me in this hands-on, practical and informative workshop designed to give you knowledge and confidence to safely forage for and incorporate edible weeds that grow in your neighbourhood into your diet.

you will learn:

  • What weeds are and the important role they play as a sustainable food source
  • Learn to forage for and identify a variety of wild, edible weeds growing in your neighbourhood
  • How to harvest edible weeds with respect for the plant and planet
  • How to prepare them and enjoy them in your daily life
  • Why and how our food has become depleted of vitamins and minerals
  • The critical role key vitamins and minerals play in your health
  • How to improve your intake of vitamins and minerals through wild, edible weeds

Five hours: $85.00

Limited spaces: Register Your Interest Now

you will leave with:

  • A fresh batch of your own wild weed pesto
  • Edible weeds and wild food foraging guide (printed booklet)
  • Recipes and knowledge of how to incorporate edible weeds into your diet

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